Technical Information    

…need a direct water source
…need to dig pits or harm the land
…need gulping out all the time
…need to have a service road behind us
…leave any trace of being there

…require as flat land as possible
…require an IBC 1,000ltr waste liquid tank
…need to have liquid waste gulped at end of event
…require 1KW 16amp of power split in two
…require 12 panels of herras fence, with blocks and clips
…have a far greater capacity than chemical hire toilets

The Comfy Crapper is a mobile composting toilet that can be pitched just about anywhere except gradients. The user friendly, hygienic quaint looking wooden-huts, make for pleasant spaces to be in. Whilst the portaloo, with good intentions just about serves its purpose the Comfy Crapper makes for the environmentally friendly alternative. Unlike the chemical hire toilet the Comfy Crapper requires no chemicals or water at any stage of the process and has a far greater capacity. Due to legislation we do not transport the liquid waste, hence the IBC tank which usually only needs gulping at the end of the weekend. We remove and compost the solid matter in the tanks for two years and at the end of that time the bi-product is a good quality humus that we will use to grow flowers in, to decorate the pitch in following years. This certainly shows people the cycle of their waste! Without the need for plumbing, pits dug into the ground or the land to be affected or altered in any way what so ever a pitch is left as it was found. Setting up on flat ground is ideal. Gently sloping land is manageable but very bumpy ground or steep gradients are unworkable andunsafe, for the patrons and our staff. We require no direct water source.

The waste collects in the container from source and remains in this container back to the composting area in Devon. The solid and liquid matters are separated at source because of the nature of the composting process. When they are allowed to mix they react to each other and start to break down. This is reason in part for the unpleasant smells associated with the chemical toilet. Hence the composting toilet gives off no offending odours inside the cubicle and in no way pollutes the surrounding air. The freshness is aided by a constant flow of air through the system in a similar way to a fireplace. Our toilets are supervised and cleaned constantly day and night.

The container holds one cubic tonne but is rarely anywhere near full. The urine is collected in the same size tanks. An IBC 1,000ltr waste liquid tank seen typically at festivals is one of our few requirements. In the extremely unlikely event that a tank becomes full by the end of the week we simply shut that cubicle. This has never happened before now and doubt it would happen in the future. We have trialed the same tanks for two consecutive very busy events to put the tanks capacity to the test. They passed with flying colours, giving us no cause for concern. The pitch is 10m x 10m, whereas the total footprint is nearer 13m x 13m. We can be very flexible with space if need be.

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