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The music began to surge, and then I felt the urge. They sang the next verse, the urge became worse. So I got on my way , to the Comfy Crappers! Hip Hip Hooraay! By George Carie ‘Pantman”
A lot of fun! Daniel Jacobs
Fab bogs! Tony Smith
Love to wee, what a relief.
We love the Comfy Crappers team from all The Powder Room Girls
Excellent idea. Thanks Chrissy x
Cool loos Chloe
Good recycling x
You should take over the world. You’d win! Rhianne x
We nearly didn’t buy the wristbands but by God we’repleased we did now. You guys have made our weekend fantastic. Your staff are always so happy! Thanks so much Lucy and Ben xx
We’re camped right next to you and they don’t smell! What a refreshing change! Tibs and Sara xxx
These toilets are well awesome, without them I’d cry.
Comfy Crappers I love you. So much better than the portaloos. Idon’t care if you have to pay Rhianne and I love you anyway with your comfy bogs and things to read. They’re the best place I have peed. Esther xxx
I am now sincerely one happy crapper. Thanks guys!
Many thanks!
If there was a massive thunderstorm and there were crazy warewolves and crazy old men with sticks and spikey things I’d still come here to pee! Esme xx
Best move all weekend. A pleasure to go with you GB
Clean. A Godsend SPH
Every home should have one and good music
Lovin the Comfy Crappers Kat and HWW xxx
Amazing experience! Emily
Best piss I’ve ever had. Who came up with the spoon idea? Chloe x
We love you Comfy Crappers you’re the best Hugh

Hell ya! Good in Glasto, good one here, its all good homey! Thanks for the comfy craps! Tess
Comfy Crapps kicks ass! Its been great thanks for hygiene Viv xox
Very Good
Woooo feeling great, we love u!
Lovely jubly!
Your toilets are the shit! X
They’re cool. They rock – so clean!
Thank you very nice staff.
This place rocks the joint. A million thanks Simone and Nini
Well worth it place is brill it’s a pity I still hate public toilets. F**king class Mick
Twas brill Avril
O my God this place is amazing Sinead L x
Very good excellent xxxxx
Best shite ever xxx
Way better, cheers xxx
Feel like I’m on holiday love the clean toilets. Thanks Linda xxx
Best shite ever. Noodles
Amazing Dean Atwell
Loving the Comfy Crappers, what an amazing idea
Much needed cheers
Comfy Crappers saved my life yey! Thanks a million billion Katie xxx
I love this place Daniel R xxxxyou rock
I’d definitely recommend the Comfy Crapper like sitting on a throne
I love this place Amy and Roseanne x x
Dude unreal, the guy with the afro Abso Legend
Woo finally a loo you can sit on not squat on. WOOOO Ellie xxx
I had a comfy Crap
Fantastic way to poo!! I’m a regular now, found you at glasto and it made my weekend xx Lisa
I love these jacks, that green friendly lady
Life savers seriously Lorraine Cunningham Co. Donegal
Best invention ever. No horrid loos xxx
Couldn’t work out door lock but good place to go, nice and clean
Queue too long but otherwise fantastic!
Hey good job. More cubicles but better than the portaloos by far, will be blogging about the bogging!
I couldn ‘t go because I had a horn on me that would bate a donkey out of a quarry
Best poo ever Keno Kim
Loved someone walking in but get a lock!
Best thing I bought at Oxgen Nick
Everybody poops! Sean Kelly Canada
I needed a new ass the old one had a crack in it!
How do you keep flies out of the kitchen? Keep the shit bucket in the living room!
I’ll be honest at first I was nervous but then I found what to do with the spoon I was grand. Had a lovely shite many thanks Pete
This is my third visit and won’t be my last, even if I don’t need to go I’ll come here. Well going now to leave the rambling to the next crapper signing off Ellen xxx
Nice. Very welcome 100 times better than the porta loos
Totally frickin worth it!!
I had a great well needed shit thank you very much.
Greatest idea ever.
Twas good Spanx
I’ll be back soon I’m sure bye bye x
You people are proper humanitarians Good work indeed
Fantastic fantastic fantastic Orla Doyle
Oh my God I didn’t know a piss could be so exilerating! Love you guys x
Great idea nice to know I’m making flowers!
Comfiest crap ever, bless ya
Loving the poo Ellen xx
Better than REM
Love the people in Comfy Crappers they are so sound Ellen
Jemma, Vix and co are angels sent from festival heaven xxx Carol Nevia and Frank Flanagan
Comfy Crappers are savage. Best crap I’ve had all weekend lol x
Excellent crappers serene xx
I love you guys Riona
Best shite ever you’re brilliant
Good reading material,excellent, God bless you
Loving it xxx
Thanks a million xx
Great idea shame about the queue though. Claire from Donegal Thanks a mill!
Q bit too long, good shit, great reading material
You guys are legends
Love you guys Irish Jas and the Canadians x
Oh I love this. Best poo I ever had very nice xxx
Best wee wee so far at Oxegen love Sharon xx
What a place. Hit the spot right there!! Much love!!
Fu**ing amazing great poop
Ruth 08 up the Tipp! Xxx
We won the Munster final!!! UP Tipp! Theresa Collins xx Good toilets really hygienic
Epic dump
Here I sit all down hearted, tried to sh*t but only farted! X
Virgin! All very nice will return again Jos Harris
Thanks again much appreciated! Carl
Love from Donegal! Much love Ed
Lovely x
Great staff so nice thank you
Imodium is not a preventative! Comfy is back! See you at the Picnic
Comfy man! Gr8 idea see you next Flanagan
Thanks so much Comfy Crappers its been a pleasure Dawn xMy daughters think you should be called ‘Spoon a Loo’
The workers are great, very friendly they deserve a raise. Top job xxx
Deadly thanks for the hospitality Audrey x
Top job Dayna x
God was here I saw you do everything

Best bowel open bar none
Lovely wee thank you
I really liked the Comfy Crappers because they were cosy and the staff were friendly
Oh my God queuing to pee can be quite pleasant!! Thanks x
Nice people top pooing!
Actually good fun thank you
Enjoy people, you’ll love it
That very rare thing at a festival – a toilet worth queuing for. Enjoyed many thing at Camp Bestival but didn’t appreciate anything as much as Comfy Crappers!
Lovely clean and comfy very impressed Thanks
Thank you very much for the best shit of my festival, loving your work xxx J
Fantastic pooher, craps away
Thank you
There was a man from highdown, he was a clown!
I love the Comfy Crappers cause any time I want the loo I can go not far away and go and do a poo AW
Need more loo, queue too long
It was a pleasant evacuation all in all, feel much better now for a good clearance!
Oh I hope this queue hurrys up I really need to go. Ooh oh too late!! Nice loos
Fantastic loos,could we have a peg for bags please?
Charlie says “I’m still in the poo queue”!
Alice isn’t sure she needs to go anymore!
My son peed his pants whilst waiting. It isn’t good enough, saying that when we got to the loos they really were lovely and clean.
Would you consider child only toilets? Rose Nash.
We’re very sorry to hear this happened to your son. Camp Bestival is where there are the highest number of children out of all our events. Last year our pitch had been split in two and we were not equipped to be in the Children’s field. Things are going to be very different this year. The set up is going to be all in one area in the Children’s Garden this year with other loos in the campsite. We’ll have an activities tables for little ones whilst you wait. We welcome parents with small children that are fit to bust coming straight to the front, so do not be afraid to ask. People only begrudge queue barging when they think people are taking the pee! No one wants to see a little person suffering an undignified and avoidable accident, especially not us at Comfy Crappers. Whilst sectioning off specific toilets for children is un-workable we give our junior patrons special priority.
Great loos, they should all be eco!
A poo with a view! Don’t care about the wait, bladder control is good!
Eco loos help you poo, small medium or large or my mum marge, men women and children plus the girl named Mildren by Matti, Lenamist and Erm
A deeply moving experience and the seat was still warm
Much better than pooing in a box in a tent like last year..thank you, much appreciated
Please would you consider some aftershaves and a jonny machine? We do sell condoms at the desk and we have deodorant but not after shave
There was an old man from Balon who wanted to go to the loo, he waited so long his bladder went bong, “I wish there wasn’t such a queue”!
Such a great idea guilt free crapping! Kt x
The Brittish will queue for anything if it is free! I hope it is worth it!
So much nicer taking children in these loos. So clean thank you.
Way more toilets needed but you’re great though from Lee and Joe x
Thanks that was great, that’s so much better for both of us – sanitiser was lovely complete with music, feel great Siggy and Julia
Big queue = lovely loos Jx
Excellent facility thank you
Comfy Crappers are cool! Nice come here every year to Camp Bestival every year!
Thank you so much Comfy Crappers – I absolutely love festivals – the only thing that I do not dig are the toilets. However you have made my festival experience a much more pleasant one. Give nuff thanks E + Sliyah Peace and Love
Much nicer than the normal ones Matilda E
The only ones the kids will use thanks
Was hoping there was someone to wipe for me!
Thank you Caroline 7 months pregnant
Great wee thank you
All the helpers are lovely. Fab service
Festival toilets couldn’t be crappier but I found you and couldn’t be happier!
Just saw last band of the night, needed loo sooo badly TOILET HEAVEN! And it’s recycleable! I LOVE YOU!
You guys are so cool!
The comfiest crappers ever!!
We were regular visitors to this lovely tent – friendly efficient service – always a smile
Lovely loos xx Sharon xx but make hole bigger for the spoon x
Nice ambient approach to some Tim time! It made sitting in the throne an experience I won’t forget Mr Tim
All hail the loo grail! Georgia
Comfy Crappers is the best, need more loos from Kate R 11yrs
Definitely worth the wait!
Poo do you think you are? P.T. xxx
Best festival loos ever xx
While the porta loos are stinking after 3 days the CC’s are stil sweet, lovely
Very pleasant thank you xxx
Queuing with music is great x
Gr8 too right!
Lovely loos! Nice as it could be but there are not enough of them and I don’t want to miss any more music. It was a last minute arrangement for us having toilets in the children’s area so there were not enough loos that year. It will be different this year.
Well done for not making it smell Bob
These Comfy Crappers don’t smell or put me off. Good job James Phillip
Lovely people and staff and facility. Nice and clean loos.
Not like on your website but great none the less, especially after what happened in Ireland so well recovered.
We like your toilets because they are made of wood, you get a spoon, they’re not stinky but we’d like more of them Gracie aged 4
There was a young lady from Dorset who was finding she needed to force it. The Comfy Crappers she found and produced a huge mound, So the company, she’d like to endorse it! Verity Swanage - we love that!!
The Earth moved for me Trogg
Nice and Clean thanks Matee x
Great idea. Loved the Bowie CD Stella Lulworth Head Gardener
You should make perfect pissers!
Lovely loos
Super service! You all need a medal! Sara Bond x
My Mum was a stickler for clean toilets and so as she has just died I had to write the above on her behalf Sara xThank you for your thoughtfulness, time, energy and enthusiasm. Much appreciated Gill
Nice spoons!
Best wee ever need locks!
Great toilets but need more! Not smelly, well cared for and green.Please come back next year love Charlotte x
Thank you Cara and Ruby xxxx Thank you Cara and Ruby for the lovely pictures you drew in our book, they’re brilliant!
What do you get if you cross a pie with an ‘ar’? A pirate!! Thomas
I’m old Greg! I’ve drunk so much baileys I need the loo! Old Gregg has two g’s, love your outfit!!
Best crap ever!
What load of crap Debi Chris and Lei xxx
Hello this is Poppy!
This sucks it smells bad but what I great idea! Yum jelly babies!
CC rules! Refael
Eco friendly toilets win!!!
Bestival’s best bogs unlike the others if you can find them. Walked half a mile with the kids to the other bogs and then the cleaners were banging on the door for us to hurry up! Locked my self in for extra 1⁄4 hour!! Eco bogs rock J.M. and Co
These toilets are rubbish!
I think these loos are great and are very comfy. Like the name the only down side is the queues or its great Fiona 9
Gorgeous Joseph Davies
It would be shit not to have Comfy Crappepers
They are good
I like them, its nice, its really good.
Absolutely fantastic service hope to see you again xx
Grace Betteridge
These toilets are the best in the world!
You are very good from Ella Lacey
Comfy Loos rule when you’re sweating like a mule! Wooden seats good beats and a book to write about weirdos in!!

Cool!! Very nice children are free x
Smells abit weird but good!
Woo party and poop! Woo we love to poop
Comfy Crappers are ace. Bigger mirrors but free for under 18’s is yay!
I’ll take a comfy crap anytime : - )
I shall return when I need a big poo. Me love you!!
Quality 1st poo of the day Olly Portsmouth
Genius best crap of the day
Cool idea!!!
This place is great : - )
Fab its great : - )
Its really good
Best £10 ever spent Ellie and Millie North Wales x
It was good cool
Great idea worth every penny Tru and Eion x
Not crap at all! Fabulous! Alison C xx
Best festival toilet experience ever Nell : - )
Very very nice thank you! x
Great fun and civilised. Does veggie poo compost easier? Andy
I’m a very happy crapper this weekend…thanx to you cheers
Not comfy at all but clean
What a fab idea! Well done : - ) xxx
I’m delighted to be a fully paid up member of the Comfy Crappers Club!! Suz
Great hygienic but don’t see why I have to pay £2.50 to do my business in a hole!!
I’m a happy crapper
2nd best thing I’ve done this weekend.1st was Leonard Cohen!
Gr8 idea no loo paper in no 6 now! X
Genius hope you make millions!
Thank you so much the idea is amazing xxxx Best deal at this festival! So worth the money : - )
Gorgeous. Would be good to have the option to put your feet higher thank you xQuality will tell all my mates
ICK some fool pooed in the funnel in 4! I’m sure you’ll sort it but I had a great happy crapping experience any how love Ella xxx
Happy pooing Hollz
Shitting comfortably yet again….. it can only be THE HAPPY CRAPPER!
Wonderful! I’m a happy crapper!
It was bileeynt
Thank you
Thank you it was lovely to have a sit down in comfortableness! Bex x
Plop plop plop
Nice experience, lovely vibe Alex xxx
Would always rather pay than use a porta loo! Xx
I did a stinky poo!
It smellt a little bad. Nice staff
The loos here are weelly nice because they are compost loos
I loved it, it smelt very bad but they are much better than the usul loos and I also liked the spoons with the numers, I also liked the doors but there was no lock from Harvey 7
Many thanks I almost didn’t make it through the weekend : - )
It was emotional Jean
Very good thanks LW
Very good
Fantastic service, keep up the good work
Lovely friendly staff 2nd service lol
That was well worth £2.50 Mat
Staff very nice, loos smelt but that’s’ the way it goes
Holy crap! Great service!!!
Good shit! X
Nicer than my loo at home! : - )
Pootastic! One love x
I’m a f**king loon!! Great bogs K x
Thanks good one!
Good but some door hooks would be good
Ooooo yes very good loos because they compost!
I only wish I’d brought a book
Thanks you gave me some decent mouth ulcer medicine. Just a tip for the nuebies don’t look down the loo! Stay regular thanks x
Very comfy nice to be able to look out into the open too!!
Better than sex!! Worth every penny and absolute delight!
Worth every penny – a bit of comfort – nothing like it. Thanks to helpful friendly staff you made me laugh!
Byee Comfy Crappers!! Had a brill shit whilst here xxx D
Happy composting Ella xxx
Fantastic Kat xxx
Welcome! Beth
Change spoon as a lock K
Durrr you wash after handling them!! You get it….. Some people! Thanks Sue
Very impressed Julie
Better than the other but still shit
A lot better than the others thanks lol xxx a lot quicker and cleaner good idea
ROCK ON THE SAVIOUR FOR SUNDAY! HEAVEN ON EARTH!! If you’re not here next year neither will I be!
You guys are legends thanks a million
Great the best loos ever.
Big Chill 08 Comfy Crappers is the way to go! Jen
I love you Comfy Crappers and you toilet service is so comfy. Naomi aged 6
You are funkin marvellous
Funking wicked
Thanks a lot! why aren’t you at Beautiful Days? A great festival with dreadful loos!!
Great idea you should have more on site
Best poo in town David
Thank you thank you thank you!
A defication delight – just poofect!
Comfy Crappers make mornings worth getting up for fantastic service!
Comfy Crappers are amazing! Well worth it and lovely people running it too :-)
Comfy Crappers are the best. Thank you so much for making it an amazing experience!! Rose
Whats the answer to which poo belongs to which animal? Great idea and service cheers 1 happy crapper
A wonderful experience poo tastic. Might be nice to have art on the walls Rachel Manchester x

Your toilets are great Alex x
Very good I’ll come again Barrie
Loved it great toilets!!
Great idea! Our saviours Nicola, Katy and Melissa love it
Brilliant! M
Regular! Much better than the uncomfy crappers!! Didz xxx
Did a pee not a poo! Still had a good time! Bev
Great loos would prefer loo roll over the spoon though xx
Fabulous shit thanks x
Loved it great x
Best public poo of my life cheers dudes !!! : - )
I had a great crap I love poo
What a superb service? Xx
Where is the water for teeth brushing?
We fucking love the Comfy Crappers we took a piss and used the lovely soft toilet roll!!! We’ll be back in the morning!!! Chloe and Elise (Ted and striptease Elise)
Very pleasant!
Bloody marvellous x
Decent! Well worth the walk back from the main arena – I can return and aprty hard! Thankx
Bloody brilliant thanks James L
Very enjoyable Naomi : -) x
Very nice Racko x
Bloody worth the long walk!
I love the poo facts, a very enjoyable dump indeed
My feet really hurt but I no longer have to poo thank you dearies I’ll be back love you xx
The cleanest toilets on the site! Will not go with friends again! Did not enjoy their convos!
The comfiest shit I have ever taken in my life.
Thank God for Comfy Crappers
Cheers for opening early on Sunday – can’t imagine anything better than going to the loo over here
Best most enjoyable festival poo in the world….and the guys commentary was spot on! I can’t imagine life without it. Wish I had one in my house!
Absolutely cracking shit
Absolutely brilliant idea!
Great concept! Environmentally good. Wish I’d thought of it first!
Bargain for £2 a crap
You can’t put a price on hygiene! Excellent great idea. Thank you so much Kim xx
Done well! Bringing sanity to festival toilets! : -)
Best thing here Jena : -)
Wow soooo clean. Best toilet I’ve had all week thank you Ting
Amazing idea!!! Clever lady you : -) thank you it was great, I’m glad I got a chance to visit Selina x
Good service – excellent – hope you’re going to save my life at Leeds. Jan x
Best crap ever!!! Worth every penny
Nice bogs
Thank you so much for being here for all our poo and wee needs! We would have had poorly tums without you xxx
The best crappers in town! Thanks for being life savers! Jason & Sofie Nicholls
Thank God for the Comfy Crappers V wouldn’t be the same without you. See you next year Karen Gazza Young
Awesome! Great staff too, we love you big Kev! Keep in touch ‘The Bognor Lot’
I love it Evely xxxx
Lovely experience altogether thank you x

I love the Comfy Crappers especially the blue eyed man at the door!
Such a good idea! Been to so many festivals and this is the greatest asset ever! Joey
Deadly love pissing here.
Great, beats the ones up the track
Yeah like it.
Best shite ever!
Best toilets ever and man on door is fit to!
Agh! Agh! Agh! We love it x
So good I went twice Johny
Ah so clean – had a lovely poo!
Love this, an excellent addition. Lovely staff!!
Fantastic idea! Me likey! JM
I did the best no1 at the festival and plan to come back for a no2 Viki x
Top notch poo. Really enjoyed the experience Trigg
The experiece boweled me over!
Holy shit what a crap! Paddy D
Very good Cath xx
Its like crapping on the stairs!
Comfy Crappers – because shit happens. Fantastic comfiest crapper there is
Garry is great!! Orla
Gav was here pooing!
The toilet man is very sexy but I hate Londoners!
Absolute Godsend!
Excellent toilets Sarah Cafferby
It’s a pleasure Nat
Class addition!!
Good stuff keep it up
Excellent toilets Rob
I love your loos
Euro rip off but very good facilities
Good work beautiful toilets love Berna, Marie Hilish and Therese xxx
Sabrina Long likes bum spanking
I did enjoy it thanks!
Smell of crap
I nearly fell asleep in the jacks that’s how comfy I was.
Holy crap l never learnt so much sat on the jaxx in all my life!
Had a fantastic poo. Many thanks
Girls don’t poo…apart from special occasions like now and Christmas
It’s the Buck Rogers toilet experience! One push and its gone!
Excellent crappers thanks with love Elaine and Mark (Buncrane Donegal)
Enjoyed every minute of my visit thanks Rachel x
Pretty good but not as posh as I thought it would be
Great jobs on the cleaning! Brilliant
Thank God for Comfy Crappers
Do the staff get fed up talking the same sh*t to everyone!!??? Xx
You guys are life savers for gigs like this cheers xx
These guys don’t seem to have shifts! Legends!!
The best shit at a festival ever! Xx
So much better lets all hug poo! Una and Elaine
Number 9 is number 1 fantastic xx
Best piss of my life B x
The best loo experience a girl could ask for Peggy
The most comfortable crappin to happen!! Wala (AKA Bat)
Fantastic Fiona x
A truly pleasurable experience you guys are the best Cian
I would still see the effect which I didn’t want but it is done Marie Quinn Donegal
Best poo of my life! Cheers Babs
Awesome! The best! Made our festival thanks xxx
Great crapper and like the guy in charge with lovely eyes xx
Very comfy as always!
Finally I could go to the loo without feeling ill
Hey love your loos Robin : -)
Fab you should have hooks though otherwise great experience. Rosie
If we could loose the gap this would be paradise! Christine Wembley
Probably the greatest toilets ion the world. Christine Kentish Town
You guys have made this festival much more enjoyable. Many thanks and best wishes! See you next year p.s. I hope the puns and oxymorons never run out.
Thanks for fixing my singlasses xx
You put the poo into pooerful! Thanks Russy from Rathuilly
Wicked idea wish I’d thought of it! Rock on
‘ Pootacular’ The Irish Times
the best €20 I spent all weekend! Go green!

Fab loos fab service x
Loved it! Xx
Happy days!
An oasis in a sea of shit! My meagre poo was 6/10 Alki
Excellent best since I was in the army! Sarge (Security)
Awesome idea- really worth paying for and super friendly service.
Best £13 spent yet – great investement
I used to be full of shit but I’m better now! X
I really enjoyed my poo x
What a glorious piece of shit in a good way
My poo was a strong 7/10!
The future is bright the future is poo!
My poo was funky Sarah Jane
Poo tastick Claire thanks xxx
My poo was proper I tell thee Sam x
An oasis of loveliness in a sea of shit! xx
Stay regular and keep your lunchdown! Well worth it.
The best £13 spent all weekend! Excellent idea guys :n )
Makes even mud bearable. Nice work Shit hot!
Worth every penny!
You are having a laugh it would have been cleaner to go in the woods
! Keep your crappers!
A wonderful shit thanks xI love your work!
Joe Earl Jason Suzie We love your shitters!
You loos are a life saver, more again next year please! Comfy Crappers we love you!
I love Comfy Crappers they rock!
That took ages. Good though! Cheers
THATWAS AWESOME! Loved the wall reading too!
I’m a happy crapper! :n)
Best £2 I ever spent! I could’ve sat there all day! Outstanding :n) big love
I feel two stone lighter now my brother has been here!! Ella xxx
Great idea although my door wouldn’t lock!
Thanks Comfy Crappers! When I felt the turtles head pop out after baring one for three days, yours has got to be the perfect throne to release the chocolate hostage. Good work!
I feel reborn! You are a shining beacon of hope in an otherwise bleak and shabby fobble plop! Cheers Comfy Crappers
Crapped for 8mins and wiped for 2mins. Lovely much love Jon Boy
I love to poo in a good loo Froggy xxx
No skid marks for Alex! Phew!
What brill toilets what a good idea. X
The Best Service at Bestival! :n)
Keep it regular!
Life savers Marie
We love the guy handing out the spoons! Xx
Fantastic – the reason I agreed to come to Bestival in the first place – clean loos + fabulous staff. Thank you S x
You guys have literally saved our asses!! Thanks crew Annabel (Posh Nosh)
Amazing! Ran x
Life saver xxx Rich S
This is probably the most memorable craps of my life ever! Jane
A very satisfying poo! And environmentally friendly too! Jen xxx
To Comfy Crappers I crapping love you! Katie x
Thank you
Thanx that was a wonderful experience xx
Best poo all weekend! Ta xx
Love it! Tipo
Thanks for saving m from the porta loos ;n)
Ahhhhh amazing cheers
Thank you for a lovely weekend of very comfy crapping Amy x
Thank you it was a lovely experience Fi x :n)
“ if toilet wall graffiti is done for neither financial gain nor critical acclaim it is therefore the highest form of art.” Discuss!! :n)
Thank you that was so much nicer than any festival loo so far xx
Best £2 spent ever! :n)
Money well spent!
Thanks for everything! You guys were wicked. The toilets were clean and that means a lot. More over you people are most pleasant and you know your happiness makes us happy. P.s. keep on crappin!! xxx
Couldn’t of survived without you. Not going to fezis now unless you’re there!!
Thanks…if only you didn’t work in a toilet!!
The comfiest crap of all time
Legends! X
We love Comfy Crappers! Get your rat out!

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