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We bring fantastic composting toilets to festivals. We set them up on a pitch in campsites or arenas, usually within the market areas.
We clean every toilet continuously for up to 20 hours a day.
We provide friendly customer service, reading material, loo roll, usually a good laugh, bingo, the basic comforts such as lighting, mirrors and much more.
We do not use any water or chemicals at any stage and take all your poo home and compost for two years to grow flowers in it, although it has many more applications (It would be perfectly safe to use on your own veg patch after two years).
As is always the case with these things there is a small charge for the festival-goers per visit to cover the costs of us attending the event and the subsequent composting of your poo there after. We do not make money from your waste. For the best deals click on LINK TO WRISTBAND SALES FOR THE PRICES

"There are those who sh*t in their drinking water
and there are those who don't. Which one are you?" Comfy Crappers 2007

That’ll be everyone from the mothers, the phobic, and the eco-conscious, to today’s more discerning festival-goer. Those who can no longer stand the thought of plastic blue boxes and the chemicals there-in and those who can never face the prospect of the long drop ever again, those who have crone’s disease and IBS, or those who avoid festivals, because they cannot face the prospect of out door toilets irrespective. Those who like to have a good sit down and those who find porta-loos too hot and claustrophobic. We have helped allsorts of people, made their weekends more enjoyable and for some, even made joining their friends at a festival possible. Now that’s what we’re talking about! If you are a festival virgin, hate using public toilets, have toilet fears or medical conditions, then click on 'Aaah! I hate using public toilets' on the bottom of the home page. If you are an Mum to be, new Mum or family then please click on the FAMILIES tab on the toilet roll menu. Back to top

It all comes back to clean green toilets and good old-fashioned customer care. It may just be toilets, and some may say we’ve got a s**t job, or we’ve finally gone round the u-bend, but all of us have to go eventually so why not go in a toilet that is cleaned by people who care and hold the same mind set as you and whilst you’re away from your home comforts and stuck in a field, Comfy Crappers takes a great satisfaction in offering you a warm welcome, a humble but darn clean toilet and the basic comforts you may need to go about your daily business. We are passionate about cleaning our loos and offering a great customer experience. Back to top

After originally intending to set up an environmentally friendly attraction, (using composting toilets of course), but coming up against planners with lead feet, the idea went on the back burner, it was decided to take a completely different tac and just for the fun of it, not only set up a new business for the first time ever, but trying one that no one had done before! 2006 was our virgin season. Our debut was made at Oxegen in Ireland and we’ve been creating small pieces of heaven in the corners of several fields ever since.

The public certainly continued to vote with their feet as 2007 saw our calendar of events double. Our morning rush often became an afternoon rush! It had to be the hardest wettest summer for us, even beating 2008 summer hands down. Gruelling pack-downs in mud baths, vehicles continuously stuck up to the axles, arriving at the next event everything caked in mud. But the team were fantastic, they pulled together and worked like Trojans for which we thank them very much. We all suffered spells of rain madness from early July onwards but some how this seemed to help, enabling us to have a dam good laugh despite being continuously drenched to the bone day and night for the best part of 12 weeks.

After cutting our teeth for two seasons, 2008 saw the introduction of our wristbands, two pitches at some events and perhaps the most exciting aspect for us was trialing our own design of toilet. Reflecting on the positive feedback from our patrons we realized that there were so many who appreciated clean toilets and wanted to use them many times over a weekend. We wanted to be able to pass on some extra concession for those who delighted in being fully paid up members of the Comfy Crappers Club! We did try having two pitches on a site at several events last year but shall be reverting back to one for the 2009 summer. It put us under certain strains having two pitches and we would rather have one fantastic well run ‘Poo Village’ than two medioca ones. The new toilets passed the test and with a few adjustments here and there we hope to improve the experience still further.

2009 will be Comfy Crappers 4th season. This year we hope to raise the capital this summer to build our new revolutionary toilets in terms of efficiency, sustainability and customer enjoyment and looking just how we always intended them to.
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Ultimately we feed from the endless positive feedback from you guys for which we thank you all. We’re very patron driven so we take it all in and act accordingly so we love to know what you think. We do bust a gut, in all weathers, all hours of the day and night usually working long after we close, and it is so lovely to be appreciated for our efforts by the people who really count. Take a look at what the Happy Crappers have to say by locating and clicking on the VISITORS BOOK tab.

• “Deadly thanks for the hospitality” Audrey x Oxegen 2006
• “All the helpers are lovely. Fab service” Oxegen 2007
• “We were regular visitors to this lovely tent – friendly efficient service – always a smile” Cornbury 2008
• “Absolutely fantastic service hope to see you again” xxx Camp Bestival 2008
• “Nice experience, lovely vibe” Alex xxx Big Chill 2007
• “Holy crap! Great service!!!” Big Chill 2008
• “Thank God for the Comfy Crappers V wouldn’t be the same without you. See you next year” Karen Gazza Young V Chelmsford 2006
• “Awesome idea - really worth paying for and super friendly service.” V Chelmsford 2008
• “The Best Service at Bestival!” :n) 2007

We also believe that much wider use of composting toilet methods globally would eradicate an awful lot of problems.

"We could be eating from the Earth but feeding it again
instead of continuously raping the Earth that feeds us" ComfyCrappers 2009

Hence Comfy Crappers is proud to be one of the forerunners in this field setting a president in the UK and Eire with our traveling composting ‘Poo Village’, not only providing ace toilets to the masses but also spreading the word and raising the profile of composting as a way to recovering the planet. Back to top

Click on EVENTS to see this summer’s list of festivals. Back to top

Click on LOO BANDITS, To meet your trusty Scrubbers, who bring you the magic, that is, Comfy Crappers. Back to top

Click on FAQs where we have answered all the questions you most ask. Do join our Face Book group ‘The Comfy Crappers Happy Crapping Society’ and you can leave further queries and questions on the ‘wall’. Back to top

Click on HOODIES to order your personalized Comfy Crappers Hoody or T-shirt. Due to a surprisingly massive demand from you guys we now sell the black hoodies with the boy girl logo on the front and you can fully customize the back. You can order safely on line and have it sent directly to your home. All of the garments are quality and can be sent on quite quickly but remember to order in good time if you want to wear your purchase to the festival. You can fully personalize your shirts, have a bit of fun and keep something to remind you of the festival, even if you do only wear it in bed after that. There are ladies sizes for a more flattering fit. Back to top

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